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brasa-brasis collection

According to the literary critic Alfredo Bosi “The colony only ceases to be one when it becomes the subject of its history”1 , based on this premise, it is understood that the literary formation of a country is fundamental to think about its historicity, identity and culture. Thus, given the existing plurality in Brazil, it cannot be reduced to a canonical and arbitrary literature, which values certain Brazilian cultural aspects to the detriment of others. To see this plural Brazil, it is essential to look closely at its regions, identifying their riches and their paths, and literature allows us this immersion. In this sense, this public notice aims to receive proposals for the organization of books in the area of literary studies, to compose the collectionBrasa-Brazil🇧🇷 With this collection, we aim to draw a regional overview of the literary productions produced in each state of the country. A book will be organized for each state, containing around ten chapters, in the form of a scientific article, which deal with literature in its various forms and temporalities, from classic to contemporary. Altogether we will have 27 books that will represent the production of each state. The books will be published throughout 2022, in digital format (e-book) and will be available for free download.


Professor Dr. Raimundo Expedito dos Santos Sousa, PhD in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Letters of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).

Address for accessing the Lattes Curriculum:

announcement 02/2021

Submission of proposals for organizing a book from the Brasa-Brasis Collection

Interested researchers can send the proposal and Lattes curriculum to our, including in the “Subject” field the name of the collection and the state of reference, until 09/15/2021.

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