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Norms of publication:


The e-books will be published according to the annual schedule and will be composed of chapters;

Academic works produced by undergraduates will be accepted, provided they are co-authored by the advisor, graduates and postgraduates of all levels;

Each book will individually receive an ISBN registration as soon as it is ready;

To submit a work it is necessary to send it to the emailboardgrena@editorabordogrena.comwith the specification in the "subject" field of the intended call;

In the case of work written with a co-author, it is necessary to download, sign (could be signature electronics/digital) and send it to our email atauthorship statement (click here)🇧🇷

Unpublished works published in event annals will be accepted, provided they are rewritten, and unpublished works;

All works will pass through a plagiarism detector;

All works will undergo an evaluation process by the book's organizers;

All articles will be reviewed by the publisher's specialized team;

The e-books will be made available free of charge on the internet and their authors will not receive any financial compensation;

The investment value with publication (editing, registration, revision of texts and publication) will be R$ 180.00 per work, to be paid within 3 days after sending the letter of acceptance.

Formatting rules:


Editable word document;

Text in Time New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 line spacing, justified alignment;

Title in capital letters, centered and in bold;

Subtitles in italics;

Author's name on the right with credentials (institution to which he/she belongs, e-mail, title, Lattes link)  in a footnote;

Margin top/left: 3.0 and bottom/right: 2.5;

Summary of up to 600 characters with spaces;

Footnote: Only essential and short information;

Reference system in the body of the text: author, year, page;

References: according to ABNT standards at the end of the text. Titles of works in italics;

Citations: according to ABNT standards;

Any highlight in the body of the text should be in italics;

Illustrations and tables: only the essential ones. They must be centered with the title at the top and the font at the bottom;

Text of at least 8 and at most 15 laudas;

Summary about the author of up to 600 characters with spaces (at the end of the article).

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