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Call open until 12/31 de 2022


Theme/theme: Revisiting Saussure and Benveniste: dialogues and perspectives in the light of new manuscripts


Jomson Teixeira da Silva Filho  (Master and PhD in Languages and Linguistics - UFAL)



Ferdinand de Saussure is known as the father of modern linguistics. This fortune is due to his posthumous work, Curso de Linguística Geral, a book edited by his disciples in 1916 based on the notebooks of students who participated in courses taught by the Genevan master at the University of Geneva between 1907 and 1911. the “epistemological cut” by electing language as an object of linguistics, from then on, called scientific. However, the appearance of Saussurian manuscripts at the end of the 20th century and published in Portuguese in 2004 under the edition of Bouquet and Engler, the Ecrits de Linguística Geral, as well as the centenary of Saussure's death in 2013 and the publication of the Course in 2016, caused many researchers to return to Saussurian theorization with the intention of re-discussing, expanding and even opposing the Course and the Saussurian manuscripts. Something similar seems to happen with Benveniste. Considered by Arrivé (1997) as the most influential French linguist of the 20th century, he is mainly known for the publication of the two volumes of his Problems of General Linguistics, which brings together articles written between 1939 and 1964, specifically on the parent rubric of the Theory of Enunciation. As with Saussure, the publication of his manuscripts provokes a return to Benveniste's thought beyond enunciation, touching on more general linguistic issues, such as writing, for example, from da publication, in 2012, by Jean-Claude Coquet and Irène Fenoglio of their Last Lectures at the Collège de France (1968 and 1969) translated into Portuguese in 2014. In this context, understanding Benveniste as epistemologically linked to Saussure, this work proposes to bring together texts by researchers that address questions related to these two authors, either jointly or separately, with regard to their theorizations about language, about language and about linguistic science from its object and method.

Keywords: Benveniste. Tongue. Language. Linguistics. Saussure.


SWIGGERS, Pierre. Linguistic historiography: a metatheoretical synopsis. In: All letters.  v. 19, no. 2, 2017. p. 73-96.

Forecast for publication: 90 days after closing the call.

The works must be sent to the emailboardgrena@editorabordogrena.comcontaining in the "subject" field the theme for which the study will be submitted.

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