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publishing team

Bad. Juliana Miranda

Master in Letters from the State University of Bahia 

[Cultural Criticism/UNEB]

Bad. Marcelise Assis

Master in Letters from the State University of Bahia

[Cultural Criticism/UNEB]

the publisher

In 2018, when Bordô-Grená was created, our commitment was to disseminate knowledge in times when scientific research gradually suffered major threats, especially in the areas of human sciences and languages. In that context, we felt a great need to seek researchers who would accept, with us, encouraging and registering research carried out within such a framework, even if we later began to expand our look  to other areas of knowledge._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Our personal and professional experience in the area of humanities allowed us to engage and interest in the construction, criticism and promotion of theoretical and practical studies concerning the fields of human studies, but not only that, it enabled us to_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_sensitivity to look at each theme worked with great care, which reflects not only in the choice of relevant themes, but also in the care taken to carefully take care of each text we receive. Today, we understand that every effort has been worth it, which encourages us to continue designing and expanding our services.

Editorial board

doctor André Rezende Benatti  (UEMS)

Dr. Andréa Mascarenhas (UNEB)

doctor Fabiano Tadeu Grazioli  (URI) (FAE)

Me. Marcos dos Reis Batista (UNIFESSPA)

Dr. Suellen Cordovil da Silva (UNIFESSPA)

doctor Washington Drummond (UNEB)

Dr. Ayanne Larissa Almeida de Souza (UEPB)

 Dr. Raimundo Expedito dos Santos Sousa (UFMG)

 Nathália Cristina Amorim Tamaio de Souza (PhD student/UNICAMP)

Dra.  Yls Rabelo Câmara (USC, Spain)


Fernando Miramontes Forattini (PhD student/PUC-SP)

Me. Sandro Adriano da Silva (UNESPAR)

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